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How to Care for Your Apparel

You've found some great new basics, and you want to make them last forever. While we can't quite promise you forever, we can promise that caring for your clothing properly will drastically increase the lifespan of your new favourite items. Day after day we put our clothes through a lot, so we've compiled some common questions, essential info, and our best tips to help prolong the lifespan of your clothes.

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Product Feature: The Crofton Button Up

Button-ups and busty chests — the two have never seemed to really get along. We've heard the woes of busty women ring through our shop, and in comments online, over and over again throughout the years. All too familiar with this problem herself, it was Julia's personal mission to design a shirt that she could button up over her bust without any gaping. And folks; we finally did it. 

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7 slow fashion purchases, as a size 16 woman, I have not lived to regret!

"Fall is upon us, which means our closets are turning over a new leaf as well. Depending on your size, budget, and style, some might find it a bit of challenge to build a collection of slow fashion go to's and necessities. As a woman who exists in that weird world between straight & plus sizing (somewhere amidst a size 16/18), I figured I'd hop on the blog with some of my no-regret wardrobe suggestions to hopefully help a girl or two out!"

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A Vancouverite's Top 5 Palm Springs Picks

our adventures

Leave it to us to vacate Vancouver for warmer weather in Palm Springs, California, right when the sun was starting to come out! But we just had to put our new Nettle's Tale swimsuits to work! Here's our list of "must do's"... 

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With the gift-giving season practically standing on our doorstep, we at Nettle's Tale are willing to bet that chances are you know someone a little like us. Whether it’s your sister, your cousin, your partner, or your work-wife, whatever the title may be, we're here to help you out this season with our staff's personal holiday gift-giving picks!

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Sometimes you find yourself fitting in both 'regular' and 'plus' sized clothing, and that can make shopping an absolute nightmare. You go into a store with a hopeful attitude and you come out feeling less than. 

I believe there is absolutely no reason to choose not to wear something that you want to wear based on what the 'rules' are. Confidence is key and you can wear whatever the heck makes you feel good. That being said, here are some tips that work for me! 

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