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A Vancouverite's Top 5 Palm Springs Picks

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Leave it to us to vacate Vancouver for warmer weather in Palm Springs, California, right when the sun was starting to come out! But we just had to put our new Nettle's Tale swimsuits to work! Here's our list of "must do's"... 

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With the gift-giving season practically standing on our doorstep, we at Nettle's Tale are willing to bet that chances are you know someone a little like us. Whether it’s your sister, your cousin, your partner, or your work-wife, whatever the title may be, we're here to help you out this season with our staff's personal holiday gift-giving picks!

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Sometimes you find yourself fitting in both 'regular' and 'plus' sized clothing, and that can make shopping an absolute nightmare. You go into a store with a hopeful attitude and you come out feeling less than. 

I believe there is absolutely no reason to choose not to wear something that you want to wear based on what the 'rules' are. Confidence is key and you can wear whatever the heck makes you feel good. That being said, here are some tips that work for me! 

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End of January & Second-Shot Resolutions


Chances are, your New Year’s resolutions have already fallen through. We’ll let you have a moment of defeat. But no longer. Because, it's time to give your resolutions a second shot. 

Here’s a few takeaways we want to share to help you get re-inspired, re-motivation, and back on top of whatever it is you want to take on this year!

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Hey! You looked great in 2017

Last year was a big year for Nettle’s Tale. We opened the Nettle’s Tale flagship shop in Gastown (how was that only this year?!).

But aside from all of that, it’s you guys who stole the show in 2017. Thanks for being friends, followers, and for looking so g-dang good all year. We’re just lucky to come along for a bit of the ride. So before you take on 2018, take a sneak peek at last year.

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Nettle’s Tale Gift Guide


December hath arrived. This means twinkly lights in our shop window, Mariah Carey cranked to 11, and a list of people who still need gifts after the first round of shopping, where we only buy things for ourselves.

So, throw some labels on your loved ones and take a look at the lists below.

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