Feature: The Crofton Button Up

Button-ups and busty chests — the two have never seemed to really get along. We've heard the woes of busty women ring through our shop, and in comments online, over and over again throughout the years.

From the very beginning when we started dreaming of producing our own clothing line, we knew this issue was something we needed to take on. All too familiar with this problem herself, it was Julia's personal mission to design a shirt that she could button up over her bust without any gaping. And folks; we finally did it. 

Let's break down the details for you quickly;

• Oversized linen blouse with a boxy fit (size down if you want a more fitted look)
• Works for busts of all sizes
• Slightly longer, curved hemline on back 
• Three pockets (one chest, two side inseam)
• Versatile wear throughout the seasons — button it up, tuck it in, or wear it open & layered
• Custom dyed matte buttons
• Ethically made using 100% linen*

*The linen we chose to use is a slightly heavier weight and may feel rougher to the touch, but after some wash and wears it will soften up over time. We find this thicker linen increases the longevity of a piece*

We knew this piece would be a lot of work to get just right, and we knew it would cost a pretty penny to produce. But the cost of a shirt actually fitting after years of embarrassing button popping experiences? Priceless.

But seriously — we want to do our best to be honest with you about why some of our items cost what they do, and we also want to assure you that this is a purchase you won't regret. 

3 Reasons Why We Know You'll Love This Piece:

1. Linen is a lovely, breathable fabric that only gets better with wear. This classic piece can be worn throughout all seasons and, cared for correctly, it will last years in your closet. 

2. The most expensive part of producing this shirt is the cost of labor to actually cut, sew, and trim this piece. We work with a local Vancouver manufacturing shop that pays their employees fair, living wage (which in this city is a lot!), and we wouldn't have it any other way. The work that goes into this piece is incredible — think 32 separate pattern pieces, 12 buttons, 3 pockets, as well as interfacing in the collar, neck, and front (just to name a few).
*Update: As of 2022 the Crofton button up is made by our new manufacturing partner in Taiwan*

3. We were serious about the fit. In everything we do, we aim to make our pieces as flexible as possible — we understand that your body changes constantly, and we want your clothes to be able to keep up with you. We aim to create kind clothing, because the last thing you should be worrying about is your wardrobe letting you down.

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October 22, 2019 — Nettle's Tale