What size am I?

We design all of our products with different body types in mind — therefore, you may not be the same size in every item. You can find the size chart, as well as a community fit guide, at the bottom of each product page. If you have any further questions about fit or sizing, you can always contact us via email. 

How do I know when items are restocked?

You can sign up for restock notifications on each product page — simply select the size and colour of the item you want, and hit the 'Notify When Available' button. 

What’s a Community Fit Guide?

Just because two bodies have the same measurements, doesn’t mean they’ll fit (or even choose) the same size in an item. It’s also true that a lot of bodies don’t fit perfectly into one size on a fit chart — that’s why we created Community Fit Guides, with measurements from real-life people who have tried on these pieces themselves. These guides list people's measurements with their chosen sizes.

We’re always looking to expand our Community Fit Guides, and will be updating them with more measurements as we are able!


Can I use more than one promo code on an order?

Only one promo code can be used at a time. You may use a gift card code and a promo code together — enter the promo code first at checkout, then the gift card number. 

Discounts & Sales

We have 2-3 annual sales throughout the year, as well as intermittent flash sales / promotions. Discounts and sale pricing will only be honoured while the promotion is valid, no rainchecks or price matching. Discounted purchases are not available for refund, but may be exchanged or returned for store credit as long as they are within our return policy guidelines