When we launched Nettle’s Tale, a phrase we used a lot was ‘honest swimwear.’ The word ‘honest’ encompassed a lot of things for us — our desire to create ethically made, high-quality products that really fit well, and to show them on a diverse range of bodies in an unaltered way. It also represented the values we put on ethical manufacturing and discussion around what it looks like to be responsible makers & consumers.

Manufacturing locally has been an important pillar of our business thus far as it provides both an opportunity to be more hands on in our production process (ensuring quality and safe working practices) as well as contributing to our local economy. 

As we’ve grown over the years, our values, and our product offerings, have expanded as well. We will continue to always use manufacturing facilities that pay people fair wages and have safe working conditions, but we have also discovered a need for other things — technological advancements in manufacturing, the ability to restock our most popular styles more than once a year, and a more affordable range of products.

Over 90% of our products are still made in Canada, but we’re excited to be adding two new global manufacturers to our team: one in Taiwan and one in the USA. We like to think of it like a tree — we’re not going anywhere, rather, our root system is just expanding (so we can offer you more fruit). 

If local manufacturing is something you’re passionate about supporting, we’ve listed on every product page where each piece was made. Honest swimwear (and clothing) now and forevermore.

MADE IN CANADA (and beyond)
We partner with ethical manufacturing facilities in Canada, the USA, and Taiwan. 

Vancouver, Canada

What’s made here: All of our swimwear and the majority of our apparel items

Why we manufacture here: Women-owned and led, our local manufacturing facility has been with us since day one. With over 30 years of expertise, their depth of knowledge about swimwear production and the quality & ability of their sewers is outstanding. Being located just a ten minute drive from our office allows us to be more involved in each step of the production process, including being very hands-on in patterning development. We have great working relationships with this team, and have witnessed the safe working conditions at this shop firsthand. We even attended their opening party for their new space!

Taipei, Taiwan

What’s made here: Crofton Button Up, Harbour Pants, and our custom-milled lounge fabric

Why we manufacture here: Our Taiwanese manufacturing shop is incredibly innovative in their production of sustainable textiles. They’ve created recycled materials from fishing nets to coffee filters, and everything in between. Their textiles are dyed in blue-sign certified facilities (ensuring the elimination of harmful substances) and renewable wind energy is used to power machines & conserve energy levels throughout production.

Owned by a Taiwanese-Canadian family that’s been in the textile business since 1988, their employees are paid 15% above the industry-standard living wage. It’s also predominantly women-led, with 80% of leadership positions held by women.

Los Angeles, USA

What’s made here: Port Tank, Eden Dress, Georgia Pants, and more!

Why we manufacture here: This sister-led business has been family owned & operated for over 25 years. After immigrating from Korea to Brazil and then to Los Angeles, their father used the knowledge he had from his own parent’s retail shop to enter the fashion industry with his wife. Today the business has been passed down to his two daughters, but the whole family is still involved.
All garments are patterned & sewn in their downtown Los Angeles shop. They use a lot of deadstock fabrics and try to source as locally as possible. Their garments are well made & fairly priced, while still maintaining fair wages and good working conditions for their team.