Strong Suit Challenge: how 30 women found their inner strength and beauty

On a quiet summer evening, 30 women tiptoed into the new Nettle's Tale storefront before it opened to the public. Here's what they did.

The Strong Suit Challenge was simple: find your "strong suit" and tell your tale. But wait...simple? Does it involve a camera? Um, isn't that terrifying??


We invited women who are LEADERS in our community - who have a voice people are listening to - and invited them to use that voice for good. Most were from the media, people who write about fashion every day and wanted to walk-the-talk on body positivity. We also included fitness & wellness coaches, entrepreneurs leading women-powered businesses, and...maybe the most important...mothers of young girls.

We watched a makeup artist take her turn in front of the camera for once, saying yes to her own beauty. We chatted with women who work with brides and see all those fears & insecurities up close, every day. We had fashion professionals standing around in bikinis, sipping wine, laughing about their first time networking in a swimsuit.


You're probably looking at a photo saying, "Eek! Good for her, but I could never pose in a swimsuit. I mean, HER body is fine. Of course she was okay getting in front of a camera." Sound familiar? That's the point. We say that about other people, while criticizing ourselves. Telling your tale is about embracing who you are, and giving yourself a break. Because guess what - NO woman, no matter how she looks, thinks she is perfect.

Maybe it's time to change that. Embrace the imperfection.

Kudos to these women for making this night unforgettable and stepping up to tell their stories:

Alicia, Alicia Fashionista
Miranda, Style by Fire
Erin Anderson, makeup artist
Jessica Brodeur, BeatRoute Magazine
Megan Cameron, Paperny Entertainment
Lea Chenoa, POST Feminist Post
Kimberley Dawn, Suki's
Jamie Dunlop, Vancity Buzz
Brittany Farquhar, Love Struck Events
Tanya Fletcher, NEWS 1130
Sara Harowitz, SAD Mag
Alicia Haque, Valley Buzz
Anna Hargott, Burr Fashion
Maryanne Lechleiter, Stimuli Magazine
Codi Lynn, Creative Wife + Joyful Worker
Elizabeth Manuntag, Style Saver
Emira Mears, Raised Eyebrow
Jennifer Pistor, Prairie Girl in the City
Jessica Renshaw, wellness travel expert
Wilhelmina Salmi, POST Feminist Post
Suzanne Siemens, Lunapads
Krystin Tysire, MarthaStewart.comGirlinBetsey
Emily Van Elk, Roses and Waves
Johanna Ward, The IT Factor
Ashley Wiles, life coach - Sole Girls
Lisa Wong, Solo Lisa




June 15, 2015 — Nettle’s Tale

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