How To Care For Your Swimwear

You've finally found the perfect swimsuit, and you want to make it last forever. While we can't promise forever, we can promise that caring for it properly will drastically increase the lifespan of your new favourite suit. Between pool chemicals, sun exposure, sand, and tanning oils, we put our swimsuits through a lot, so we've compiled some tips below to help your suit last longer than that sunburn will:

1. Rinse your suit right away

Sunscreen, salt, chlorine, and just being up close and personal with your body can all cause your suit to stink. Wear your suit in the shower with you, or quickly hand rinse in the sink when you're done using it to minimize the time the fabric spends exposed to harsh smelly agents. 

2. Wash your suit by hand

Experts all say that the best way to wash your swimwear is by hand, using a mild soap (think Palmolive or Ivory Soap even). If handwashing is not an option for you, we recommend investing in a mesh laundry bag before washing your suit in the machine (on a gentle, cold cycle of course). The agitation of washing machines can damage fabrics, even if set on gentle cycle.

3. Dry off right

Resist all urges to wring out swimsuits. Wringing out your suit puts stress on the materials in the fabric, and can cause it to lose its elasticity (hello saggy bum!). Instead, try rolling your suit up in a towel to absorb extra moisture. 

4. Keep cool (and avoid heat!)

Yes, that means the sun, the dryer, and hot tubs. The warm water in hot tubs, combined with the strong chemicals, will cause more wear than normal on your suit. While our suits are 92% polyester, these elements will take their toll so we advise saving some of your lesser fave suits for that weekly hot tub dip. You should never, EVER, put your swimsuit in the dryer - the heat will destroy the fabric and cause it to lose shape. To that extent, we also advise not to let your swimsuit dry outside in the sun, and instead to lay it flat to dry indoors. 

And Remember: Bring a towel or cover up with you to sit on when you are wearing your swimsuit. Sand, rocks, wooden chairs, cement poolsides — all these surfaces (and more) can snag the material on your suit and cause wear if you're not careful.

PRO TIP: Rotate swimsuits if you can! The spandex in swimsuits does need a full day to go back to its original shape, so be kind to your suits and give them a day off too while you're on vacation.

Got sunscreen on your suit and can't get it out?

First of all, remove any extra sunscreen from the fabric before it dries. If any liquid remains, blot it with a dry cloth. Sprinkle the stain with baking soda or cornflour to absorb any excess oils and leave for 30 minutes. Brush off any excess powder, then rub the stain with dishwashing liquid and wash.

That's all for now! Just remember - swimsuits are sensitive items and need love too. And don't forget to tag #madehereworneverywhere on your summer photos so we can see what you are all up to in your suits!

June 13, 2017 — Nettle's Tale