Photo: Julia with binoculars

This years summer send-off was perfection. We got together a gang of pals for an unconventional girls trip aboard The Porpoise.

We packed a literal boatload of sweaters and toques from our pals at Camp Brand Goods onto a sailboat and spent five days island-hopping the Georgia Strait.

Photo: Kayaking at sunset

If this sounds like an absolute dream, it was. Come relive the journey with us.

Day 1: Pender Harbour to Jedediah Island

In true sailor style, we got up at the crack of dawn to catch the ferry to Sechelt and then drive the coast to Pender Harbour. Here we met up with Captain John and Lyza and their 58-foot classic sailboat—which is smaller than it sounds when there’s seven people involved.

Photo: Lyza pointing at map

It took a couple of trips in the dinghy to get us and our embarrassingly large stash of comfy sweaters and wine onto the boat. Back to business, Captain John mapped out our route before we set off. 

We crossed the strait, sailed around the southern tip of Texada Island and anchored at Jedediah Island in time for a sunset kayak. The rocky shores and kelp beds were washed in cotton candy colours as we paddle the shoreline. Its going to be a good trip.

DAY 2: Jedediah Island to Hornby Island

Photo: Breakfast and coffee

Lyza cooked up a mean pancake breakfast and our coffee stayed piping hot in vintage-inspired enamel mugs.

Photo: Hiking and exploring the island

Our first full day was spent following goat trails to the peak of Jedediah Island. We took our time: see lounging on natures mattressabove.

Photo: Julia at mountaintop

Finally made it to the peak and had a very meta experience: the Mountain Arch Crewneck on top of a mountain and Julia (briefly not) wearing the Julia Top.

Photo: Hiking in field

Getting down was more difficult (okay, we got lost) and downright eerie. Wild sheep and an abandoned house are reminders of when the island was last inhabited. After a quick and very cold dip, we set sail over to Hornby Island.

Day 3: Tribune Bay to Harmony Island

The sand at Tribune Bay is so white, its hard to believe were not somewhere more tropical.

Photo: Charlotte holding sea star

Fun fact: Nine out of ten doctors recommend beachcombing in a Carli Suit.

Captain John navigated us north to Harmony Island, where the islands become more mountainous, blips of land thick with trees.

Photo: Cannonballing into ocean

**Trip highlight alert**

That night it rained lightly, just enough to make the water sparkle. Seriously, the phosphorescence was insane and the water was the warmest wed had all trip!

Between making glittery snow (sea?) angels and jumping in at least seven times, we played like a bunch of kids. And we loved it. 

Day 4: Harmony Island to Nelson Island

We swapped our Heritage Toques for Heather Tops and kayaked over to Nudie Island for a swim (we still dont know if this is its official name, but we like it!)

Photo: Exploring 'Nudie Island'

For our last night, Captain John and Lyza hosted us at their rustic log cabin on Nelson Island.

Photo: Campfire cooking oysters

We scavenged oysters on the beach and discovered the heavenly magic of campfire oysters. (Throw in garlic, butter, havarti, soy sauce, and hot sauce and youll know what were talking about.) 

Day 5: Nelson Island to Pender Harbour

Our final day was spent cruising back to Pender Harbour and soaking in the last of the trip. Sitting on the top deck of The Porpoise prompted the perfect moment to look back on our year and reflect on the milestones weve reached. We opened the Nettles Tale flagship store this yearits about time we celebrated!

Thanks Captain John and Lyza, were forever grateful for adventures that take us through our BCs backyard and yet so far away from the stress of our daily live.

Photo: Group photo on Porpoise

Look at this Brady Bunch of semi-sailors, already planning next years trip on The Porpoise. 

Stay tuned to see a video recap of this incredible trip, coming soon!

November 09, 2017 — Alys MacKenzie