Throwback to happy moments from last year's Main St. pop up!
Before the launch of this year's popup shop, we thought it only fitting to do a healthy reminisce of moments and memories of our first popup shop ever...which coincidently was also on beautiful Main Street, in the Heritage Hall building.

It was our launch summer (2014) and if you thought the overwhelming success of our crowd funding campaign was enough, we needed the help of a small army working around the clock to pull this event off! The first rock star is a dear friend of owner Julia Church (pictured above) from the far off land of Calgary, Alberta ;) who also happens to be a retail queen. Kara worked the change rooms and till non-stop for 4 days. 

Mahkeela Hohl was the curator of the big pop-up picture! Heritage Hall is a huge space and we needed to fill it. What better way than to share it with other awesome local businesses? We're all about keeping things local at Nettle's Tale, so we'll be doing something similar this summer with the concept of the new shop. Everyone please give a round of applause to this curly-haired babe and the awesome businesses who started it all by sharing that lovely space with us!

Last but not least! Holly Mocibob was the ultimate #hustler and #ladyboss making sure all of the pieces were orchestrated properly down to the finest detail. Let me tell you, if you need an event planner for anything, this is your right-hand woman. If you made it out last year, you probably already know her too well from your shopping experience. She's the one who can work magic with a swimsuit strap adjustment, match colours like a pro, or just give you the boost you need to make a confident decision of which suit to #tellyourtale in.

Thursday night was a massive launch event. A little bit of late-night shopping, door prizes, Steamworks beer, and Glory Juice cocktails. We had some good laughs thanks to this crazy guy (Christopher Nash), our always-classy Master of Ceremonies:

Riley Merrel created some pretty great ambiance as well...singing Beyoncé and John Legend covers while a room full of West Coasters wined, dined, and shopped.

The bartenders were sure babely in their Nettle's Tale swim tops! We even discovered a new way to tie the back of the Britney top that night:

This guy inspired everyone to hit the dance floor hard! 

So we did.

All of this reminiscing could not make us more excited for our summer-long popup shop opening in just three weeks on Main Street. Swimsuit season 2015, here we come! Let's do it all again!!!

All photos taken by Danaea Li Photography 
April 21, 2015 — Nettle’s Tale