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Nettle’s Tale was built off of the idea of offering the women in our lives a chance to see their voices and their bodies represented in the particularly thorny industry of swimwear. The Deirdre came out of the idea that if someone like Julia’s mum wanted a supportive, yet covered one piece that will make them feel just as good while they’re swimming laps as it will lounging under a cabana, then there must be thousands of other women looking for that exact same thing.

Now with the gift-giving season practically standing on our doorstep, we’re willing to make that same bet. Whether it’s your sister, your cousin, your partner, or your work-wife, whatever the title may be, chances are you know someone a little like us.


Here at the lifestyle shop there are five lovely ladies who spend their time behind the counter, navigating you through the (at-times) intimidating world of swimwear. So if you’ve ventured into the shop within the past year, you’ve likely already chatted with one of us and you may know that between the five of us we span some pretty broad interests, from thesis-writing to motorcycle-riding. While we all share a strong pull to the outdoors and an even stronger pull to knocking down some of those walls of the fashion industry, we thought we’d play up our differences this time around.


Kaycee is our Marketing & Operations Coordinator extraordinaire, managing the e-commerce side of our company. She refers to herself as a 'social introvert' but that doesn't seem to keep her from filling her time with a multitude of (sometimes strange) activities. You can often catch her prowling the streets on the wheels of her trusty motorcycle and taking full advantage of local happy hours.

Kaycee’s Picks

1. Camp Brand Crewneck

Ask any of the girls Kaycee works with, or pretty much anyone else who knows her: she basically lives in hoodies and crewnecks from October through April. Even working in trendy Gastown hasn’t made her change her ways, and with these super soft Camp Brand crews in her collection, why would she?

2. Brand & Iron Candles

Kaycee’s current obsessions: Oak & Moss and Spruce & Amber (picking a favourite is that hard). Her apartment has smelt like all of them at some point, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Great price, great scents, local company, you can't ask for much more.

3. Peregrine Detox Box

Kaycee keeps her skincare regime very low-key (aka she’s too lazy to do much more than wash her face), but she loves to use the Detox box as a quick little refresh button on the days she needs it (particularly after a long night out). The all-natural charcoal mask quickly draws out any little imperfections and leaves your skin feeling bright and awake, even if you’re not, and for that it will always be a top shelf favourite.


Nadine is one of our lovely part-time gals who you’ll find in the shop. Nearly 30, nearly a teacher, and (nearly) always able to find the silver lining. Her free time between work and school is spent finding cafes to cozy up in, buying books to add to her never-ending stack, and never having to remember to water her houseplants because they’re all fake anyway. She’s big on self-love and even bigger on helping the ladies who walk in the door find it too!

Nadine’s Picks

1. Nerdy By Nature Enamel mug

It’s not hard to find something to make Nadine smile but this mug manages to sneak out an extra chuckle each time she sees it. This mug is equally perfect whether it’s full to the brim with coffee (black, like Nadine likes it) and cozied up around a fire, or popped delicately on top of a teetering tower of books on your read-it list.

2. Harlow Candle in Morning

Nadine always marvels at how as soon as we light this candle in the store, without fail, the first thing people remark on is how utterly delicious it smells. With a soft mix of lavender, lemon peel, and eucalyptus, it’s no wonder this bad boy has made its way onto Nadine’s wishlist.

3. Berg & Betts Watch

Another shop envy, these gorgeous watches by Toronto brand Berg & Betts. Nadine can almost guarantee that she’s tried one on every shift she’s worked, her latest try being the Black & Gold combo whose strap, like all their pieces, is made from leftover leather scraps from the fashion industry.


Julia, we’re sure, needs no introduction but we’ll give it to you anyways. She’s the engine behind Nettle’s Tale, designing each piece in collaboration with her team and always eager to hear any idea that’s floated by her. She loves all things stylish, but really prioritizes quality and function. She’s one busy lady, always buzzing around and packing too much onto her plate but loves to kick back and enjoy cooking up a good meal or nights in on her couch. She’s also incredible sentimental and loves to receive pieces that she’ll use all the time or that will last her forever.

Julia’s Picks

1. Pinkhouse Glow Stick in Champagne

Whether Julia’s buzzing around from meetings to the store to improv and back to more meetings, you’ll always find her toting one of these Glow Sticks from all-natural Vancouver brand Pinkhouse. They’re the perfect addition to any travel bag since they swipe on with ease and blend out with the touch of a finger (which is just about the level of effort Julia is willing to put in when it comes to transitioning from day-to-night).

2. Revol Girl Underwear in Gloria

Julia’s mom or husband would definitely get a hi-five for putting a pair of the handmade Gloria, heavy or medium protection, period underwear from Revol Girl in her stocking (cough cough hint hint)!

This is something Julia needs and uses very regularly in life (thank you periods). She believes that just because they go under your clothes doesn't mean that undergarments can't be great, thoughtful gifts. 

3. Gift Card

Julia’s last pick is a gift card for $150. This may seem like a cop-out gift because it feels impersonal, BUT Julia obviously love Nettle's Tale, and her favourite thing we sell is our mix & match, made in Vancouver swimwear. So a $150 gift card feels like a ticket to shop her favourite swimwear.

If you want to make this one more personal though, pick out a swimsuit you think your partner/friend/mother/sister would like (or you would love to see them in) as a gift. If they don't love it, they can still come shopping and exchange it for another style — either way you're gifting them a swimsuit they feel great in!

4. BONUS! Muttonhead Waterproof Camping Hoodie

Julia’s taken it upon herself to break the rules and add an extra piece to her wishlist (and since she’s the owner we’ll let it slide). That’s how good this waterproof hoodie truly is — fleece lined and waterproof coated are just some of the features that make this pullover one of Julia’s camping staples. Not to mention it’s unisex design and made in Canada so you can feel good giving it to your sister, husband, or dad (or favourite small business owner whose name begins with J).


Alys is another one of the faces you may find in the shop on any given day. She does our Visual Merchandising and loves any chance to get her hands dirty, both figuratively and literally. She has the most fun when she’s working on a new craft or project or whipping out her sewing machine but also loves to get outside and enjoy fresh air in any shape, form, or place. Alys gravitates to thoughtfully designed pieces and has recently fallen down the rabbit hole of natural beauty and slow fashion.

Alys’s Picks

1. Harlow Perfume Oil in Torch

Torch is the latest addition Alys’s collection. Picture a warm beeswax candle burning in a church and that’s what this perfume does with a mix of warm vanilla, cedarwood, and frankincense. She loves the ease of a rollerball and the fact that it’s made from all natural ingredients. Plus the oil makes the scent linger so much longer on your skin.

2. Brand & Iron Leather Keychain

Now this is one of Alys’s easiest go-to gifts, it’s simple, well made, and aesthetically pleasing while also being completely unisex. Gift exchange at work for a mystery coworker? Leather keychain. Stocking stuffer for your brother or sister? Leather keychain. Baby shower gift but you don’t want to get them another funny onesie? LEATHER KEYCHAIN (ok maybe not that one, but if you do, they’ll love it in 16-20 years).

3. Nala Deodorant in Peppermint & Charcoal

This is the first natural deodorant Alys has tried and even that on its own is high praise, nevermind the fact that it’s super effective and comes in two baking-soda free versions AND a heavy duty version with baking soda. The fresh feeling of peppermint is perfect for a morning workout and masks any and all odours you may have and most importantly, it glides on just like a normal deodorant so you’re not left with sticky armpits afterwards!


Last but most certainly not least is Melinda, another one of our lovely part-time gals who brightens up the store whenever she’s in. Around this time of year, Melinda relishes the rare days when we can feel the sun on our faces, but she’s not entirely mad about cozy winter days (the more layers the better). As she leans into enjoying her mid-30s, Melinda is drawn to products that are kind to her self (aka skincare), the world (aka learning what eco-friendly and ethical mean), and her wallet (if you can only buy the fancy candle once a year, what’s the point?).

Melinda’s Picks

1. Paines Cedar Incense Cabin

When it comes to justifying an ultra expensive candle, sometimes you’re at a loss. It’s times like those when Melinda turns to cedar incense like the kind in this little cabin from Paines. Not only does it fill up a room with a warm woodsy scent straight out of the forest, but the smoke also comes out of the cabin’s chimney which makes it so stinking cute and gift-worthy.

2. Pinkhouse Face Fix

For many people with oily skin like Melinda, the thought of layering on more oil can seem counterintuitive but it’s just the opposite! Our skin runs off of oil, so gently layering on something like the Pinkhouse Face Fix makes a great natural serum/moisturizer. Melinda loves how nourishing and soothing this vitamin packed blend is.

3. Dinadi Greta Scarf

A definite contender on Melinda’s Christmas wishlist is this scarf by Denadi, which she’s had her eye on for months. Ethically made in Nepal, these scarves are deliciously soft, and perfectly wide without being too bulky. Perfect for keeping you nice and warm as we round the corner into the colder months to come.

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