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Last summer's camping trip

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Never take a dollar store floaty down anything.
— Julia Church


A few of the "Nettles" and our friends headed off the beaten trail last summer to decompress during that whopper of a crowd funding campaign. If you missed the campaign, you can relive the magic here: indiegogo

Lillooet Lake is one of our favourite camping spots during the late spring (May/June), as it can get fairly busy in July/August. To get to some of the good spots like the natural hot springs and lake-view campsites, you have to take a logging road anywhere from 15-45km in (for the hot springs). So make sure you have a decent off-road vehicle! The town of Pemberton is roughly 12km upstream from the head of Lillooet Lake, which is why some of the good campsites are about a 12-15km drive from the main highway (99). 

Some must-pack items for this particular trip, at this time of year:

  • Bug repellent 
  • Tarp (and rope to secure it) in case of rainfall
  • A floaty for the lake, natch
  • Fair amount of clean drinking water
  • Good camping chairs

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