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What's your best beach moment?

our team

Ask the nettles, and they'll answer! Staffers of Nettle's Tale share their best beach memories.


Holly, Style Specialist:
Diving through the salty waves with my best friend Amanda. I feel like the ocean in those moments. Powerful and endless. Definitely worth getting sand stuck in crevices. 

Kaycee, Graphics Genius:
Parasailing on a whim in Mexico - everything was fine until I was up in the air, looking down at the beach, realizing there was barely anything holding me to the back of this boat, and I was pretty sure traveler’s insurance wouldn't cover this... Needless to say, the whole experience was an unforgettable mix of pure bliss and extreme terror. 

Diana, Media Queen:
Sitting by the French Riviera watching a lightning storm. With a hot Moroccan man. #2wondersofnature

Danaea, Shutterbug Shero:
Camping in Tofino with my best friend, her husband, and my fiancé. We were pretty much right on the beach. Our first night in Tofino had the most beautiful sunset. We hit up the local brewery and spent dusk wandering around the beach chatting and relaxing. It was kinda perfect. 

Jacqui, Digital Duchess

December ’91. I remember the smell of sweet pineapple as I walked to the beach with my family in Hawaii. After we’d lugged a ton of gear over from our hotel, it hit me. I needed to poop. And no, my parents weren't going to take me all the way back to our room. Being super sneaky, I chose to make the ocean my toilet. As I triumphantly swam back to shore, my dad and sister invited me on a walk. But sadly, I wasn't alone. My deuce had followed me back and would continue to trail behind as we walked along the sand... 

Julia, Boss of the Ladybosses:

Crawling out of my tent on Fraser Island in Australia, while it was still dark out, to watch the sunrise in between the sea and skyline...then heading out for a morning jog on the beach in bare feet. There is something special about a sunrise or sunset on a vacant beach. Just you and that moment.


Now YOU tell US...what's your favourite thing to do on the beach?

a) Beach? You can find me in the water.
b) I do all my reading in the summer.
c) Just put a drink in my hand.
d) Frisbee, anyone?
e) Chasing my kids.
f) BBQ all the way!

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