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Dani Press Print Collaboration

We loved working with Dani Press on this uber special, exclusive print collaboration. Dani is a goddess and a wizard with the english language and she wakes up every morning to tell authentic stories, through stationery, just like we wake up every morning to tell authentic stories of women, through swimwear. Naturally we needed to collaborate. Boy, oh boy did we like the finished product! We think these prints should be on the wall beside every woman's head as she sleeps and beside every mirror in the world. Reminding women they're beautiful... just. as. they. are.

Want to win one?!?!?! Use the #madehereworneverywhere to share your traveling Nettle's Tale pics and maybe, just maybe a little birdie will drop one in your mail box. 

Check out more from Dani at or follow her @dani_press

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