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How to pack 1 suit, and wear 6 (or more!)


Buy a Britney top.


What's that you say? How will spending money save me money?
Let me break it down for you:

There's a reason why this top is one of our best sellers - because it's so versatile! Within an hour of trying on the first sample of this top, Britney had already figured out six different ways to wear it.

One Britney top = Endless suit options!


Below are 6 GIFs of our favourite ways to tie this top (also can be found on our Pinterest board)

1. Twisted in the front, tied in a bow around the back strap.

2. Double bows with racerback straps! (easier to accomplish on smaller busts)


3. Crossed & twisted in front, with a bow in the back.

4. Twisted in front with a halter style strap.


5. The classic tie - crossed in front and tied in a bow in back!

6. For large busts with smaller band sizes - racerback straps and looping ties through the straps on the back.


Found a new way to tie it? Share it with us!

Post it on social media and tag @nettlestale, or email it to

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